PlugMiser reduces the energy consumption of electronic machines, decreases maintenance, and extends the life expectancy of the machines.

How does it work?

PlugMiser uses a Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor to monitor the surrounding area and power down the machine when the surrounding area is vacant. The equipment will automatically power back up when someone approaches it.

PlugMiser advantages:

  • invisible to the user
  • 2400 Watt power rating and rugged 10A switching capability ensures that a large assortment of loads can be safely controlled.
  • shared plug loads can be controlled - community loads such as copiers and printers can easily be controlled using PlugMiser's 1,2, or 3 hour timeout.
  • controlled power down: the period before the machinery is powered down can be selected by means of dip switches (between 3 seconds and 3 hours)

For example: a pair of office desks, used Monday to Friday 07.00 to 18.00, may have the following equipment:

2 x computer monitors 35W each
2 x desk lamps 40W each
1 x ink jet printer 6 W standby
Total Power 156W

At 10p per unit of electricity this would cost 137 per year to run and generate 1.2 tonnes of CO2/yr from a coal fired power station.

PlugMiser would ensure that outside office hours the equipment was turned off, saving up to 90 per year and tonne of CO2

CAUTION: To ensure that data is not lost, do not switch off the main computer, using PlugMiser, only the peripheral equipments like monitors, printers and desk lamps

What are the benefits?

  • Cost savings: It reduces the annual cost of each machine by 60%
  • Environmental savings: it reduces greenhouse gas emissions by the same percentage
  • Maintenance savings: it reduces annual maintenance costs and increases the life expectancy of the equipment.
There are also other less obvious benefits such as the reduction in air conditioning loads as the heat generated by electrical equipment is significantly reduced.

What products can benefit from using PlugMiser?

  • Any type of plug load that can be shut down based only on occupancy can be controlled by PlugMiser.
  • Nearly all plug-in electrical equipment such as video arcade games, non-refrigerated vending machines, computer monitors, copiers, laminators, desk lamps, personal heaters, task lights, personal printers, and lots more!
  • shared plug loads can be controlled

How easy is it to install?

PlugMiser requires no expert knowledge to install and can be installed in under five minutes. PlugMiser's PIR Sensor has a universal mount, a built-in, selectable power down delay and an automatic 30 second power down delay for easy installation verification.

Can I use PlugMiser with multiple machines?

Yes, PlugMiser's unique embedded Sensor Repeater allows a single PIR Sensor to link up to three other Miser controlled machines. PlugMiser can be combined with any other Miser family product. Please note, that when sharing plug loads, care must be taken to ensure that the total power limit of PlugMiser is not exceeded.

What savings would I be likely to make?

Our existing customers see savings around 60%.

Are there any situations where PlugMiser would not be appropriate?

The savings generated by using PlugMiser are as a result of the surrounding area being unoccupied during periods of the day. A machine in an area that was occupied 24 hours a day, 7 days a week would be unlikely to generate any savings.

Modular offices represent a challenge for occupancy-based energy control products because these types of offices are not always closed off from potential false triggers. Sensor placement is important to ensure there are no false triggers. PlugMiser is designed to work in an office with four walls, each higher than 5 feet.

Equipment that cannot be turned off randomly such as computer systems and refrigerators should not be controlled with PlugMiser. See CoolerMiser for info on controlling glass fronted refrigerators, and VendingMiser® for controlling refrigerated vending machines.

Other energy saving products available?

PlugMiser can operate stand alone or it can be a perfect companion to CoolerMiser and VendingMiser®.