CoolerMiser reduces the energy consumption of glass fronted refrigerators by up to 30% and decreases maintenance by £40-80 per year, all while maintaining the temperature of the product.

How does it work?

CoolerMiser's patented technology uses a Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor to monitor the surrounding area and power down the glass-fronted refrigerator when the surrounding area is vacant. CoolerMiser also monitors the room’s temperature and automatically repowers the refrigerator at 1-3 hour intervals (independent of occupancy) to ensure that the product is kept at the right temperature.

CoolerMiser will never power down a refrigerator while the compressor is running, eliminating compressor short cycling which damages the compressor and it will always allow a cooling cycle to run to completion before powering down – to make sure the product is kept at the right temperature.

CoolerMiser is:

  • Invisible to the user
  • Powerful - can control single, double and triple door refrigerators1
  • Intelligent/compatible with all types of refrigerator - CoolerMiser analyses the refrigerator's performance on a cycle-by-cycle basis, constantly responding to changes in load, sales and the environment in which it is located, and modifies it's behaviour accordingly, ensuring proper operation.

What are the benefits?

  • Cost savings2: It reduces the annual cost of each machine by £100-150.
  • Environmental savings: it reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 1,000 kgs of CO2 and 3,600 grams of NOx a year.3
  • Maintenance savings: it reduces annual maintenance costs by £40-80 per machine and increases the life expectancy of the machine.

What products can benefit from using CoolerMiser?

CoolerMiser has been specifically designed for glass fronted refrigerators (with glass sliding doors or pull open doors) containing non-perishable goods.

How easy is it to install?

CoolerMiser requires no expert knowledge to install and can be installed in under five minutes.

Can I use CoolerMiser with multiple machines?

CoolerMiser's unique embedded Sensor Repeater allows a single PIR Sensor to link up to three Miser controlled machines.

What savings would I be likely to make?

Our existing customers see savings between 20 and 30%.

Are there any situations where CoolerMiser would not be appropriate?

The savings generated by using CoolerMiser are as a result of the surrounding area being unoccupied during periods of the day. A machine that was occupied 24 hours a day, 7 days a week would be unlikely to generate any savings.

Other energy saving products available:

CoolerMiser can operate stand alone or it can be a perfect companion to the VendingMiser®.

1 As long as the power rating of CoolerMiser is not exceeded.
2 Based on data obtained from our exisiting customers
3 Based on occupancy and USA Energy Administration figures