Available products include:

Hopper Universal

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This unit has been well received in the market and has proved very reliable at a competitive price.

The unit can hold 1000 coins (depending on size) of 17 to 31mm in diameter. Available in Parallel or CCTalk interfaces and supply voltages of 12V or 24V.

Hopper Mini

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New to the range, the Mini Hopper can dispense coins from 19 to 29mm at a rate of up to 500 / min.

Available in 12V or 24V versions with parallel or CCtalk interfaces.

Ticket Printers: Nanoptix

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Compatible with Ithica or Future Logic ticket printers, this unit from Nanoptix is ideal for gaming applications.

There is an option of either short or long bezels

Bank Note Validators: JCM UBA

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The UBA is available to accept all denominations of Bank of England (BoE) Notes up to 50 and is the ideal validator for TITO applications. The cashbox holds up to 600 notes; the supply is 12V and the interface ID003 or RS232. Note set combinations for BoE / Scotland, BoE / Northern Ireland, BoE / Channel Islands and BoE / I.o.M are available.

Coin Mechanisms

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QL,SP & WHM coin mechanisms available.
For more details please contact us.

Interfaces & Test Boxes

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We can supply various electrical interfaces to enable your validator of choice to function in most machines. Please contact us to discuss your application.

Interfaces available:
ID003 to Parallel, Pulse or alternate serial
Parallel to MDB
Parallel to USB

ID003 & Parallel / Pulse test boxes also available
For more details please contact us.

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