Energy Management

Save up to 50% on your energy bills and cut greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the energy required to run your vending machines, glass fronted refrigerators and electronic equipment.

Using our motion sensing technology, energy control products can start saving energy in five minutes, improve your carbon footprint and prolong the life of your machines at the same time!

We offer a variety of Energy Misers, each engineered to suit specific applications to ensure the best possible energy saving is achieved..

VendingMiser for vending machines

Using VendingMiser you can save up to 50% of your energy bills, extend the life of your vending machines, and make their daily energy performance comparable to new US ENERGY STAR qualified machines!
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CoolerMiser for glass fronted refrigerators

Using CoolerMiser you can save 30% of your energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint and extend the life of your glass fronted refrigerators
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PlugMiser for electronic equipment

Using PlugMiser you can save up to 60% of your energy bills, in a typical office, when running your electronic equipment (such as non-refrigerated snack machines, hot vending machines, copiers, laminators and lighting) by automatically turning off equipment which we should all switch off at the end of the day but often forget.
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Savings Calculator

Please replace the default values in the table below with your location's unique information and then click on the "calculate savings" button.

Energy Costs (£ per kWh)
Facility Occupied Hours per Week
Number of Cold Drink Vending Machines
Number of Non-refrigerated Snack Machines
Power Requirements of Cold Drink Machine (Watts; 500 typical)
Power Requirements of Snack Machine (Watts; 90 typical)
VendingMiser® Sale Price (for cold drink machines) (£'s)
PlugMiser Sale Price (for snack machines) (£'s)

Projected savings with VendingMiser® installed:

COLD DRINK MACHINES Current Projected Total Savings % Savings
Cost of Operation
SNACK MACHINES Current Projected Total Savings % Savings
Cost of Operation

Total Annual Savings

  Current Projected Total Savings % Savings
Cost of Operation
Total Project Cost   Break Even (Months)
Estimated Five Year Savings on ALL Machines =
Estimated Five Year Return on Investment =